Stakeholder workshop - Dublin, 2016

Global consensus for quantifying pesticide emissions in LCA

After implementing, testing and fully documenting all consensus-based solutions, recommended pesticide emission fractions will be made available for inclusion in current LCI databases and all results and methods published open access in peer-reviewed journals. Results are presented and disseminated to strive for broad acceptance at a dedicated Stakeholder Workshop back-to-back with the LCA Food 2016 conference in Dublin, UK. Objective of the workshop are to seek for broad stakeholder acceptance and agreement on recommended default agricultural pesticide emission fractions to environmental media in LCA. The target is the feasibility to implement these pesticide fractions along with associated data requirements into LCI databases.

The Stakeholder Workshop is organized in parallel to the 2nd Soil Quality Workshop and both workshops will have a joint session 8:30 - 10:30 am (all participants of the Soil Quality Workshop will join the Pesticide Consensus Stakeholder Workshop).

When and where 18-October-2016, 8:00 - 14:00, Dublin, Ireland 
Who Stakeholders from industry, regulation, academia and other sectors as well as LCA practioners and method developers.
Organizers The Technical University of Denmark with the support of the EU project TOX-TRAIN.
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Key contributors

Peter Fantke Tim Grant
Teunis Dijkman Nancy Peña Valbuena
Assumpció Antón Ugne Krikstanaite
Estelle Roux Ralph Rosenbaum

Peter Fantke
(Technical University of Denmark, Group for Quantitative Sustainability Assessment, Denmark)
with input from Teunis DijkmanAssumpció AntónEstelle Roux, Tim Grant, Nancy Peña Valbuena, Ugne Krikstanaite, Ralph Rosenbaum
Presentation: "Global initial emission distribution fractions of agricultural pesticides for use in life cycle assessment: Overview, results, and LCA recommendations."

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