SYS Model Lab

Energy Systems Analysis

Energy Systems Analysis (ESY) comprises competences within systems analyses, operation management and energy technology knowledge. ESY provides tools and expertise, supporting national and international energy policy making by advancing the national and international development of energy systems models, especially TIMES and Balmorel.

Integrating new emerging technologies into existing national and regional energy systems calls for analyses of energy systems and markets through different operations research models and global integrated assessment.

Models are developed, merged, and soft-linked to take advantage of strengths in disparate models and to answer questions about emerging technologies and resources scarcity, e.g. land and water. Scientific challenges include modelling stochasticity, risk and uncertain-ty as well as system characteristics of production technologies and flexible demand.

Technical questions include how to upgrade the existing system and how to operate systems with large amounts of variable renewable energy. ESY aims to be in the forefront of open access modelling. Most important targeted journals include Energy, Applied Energy, and Energy Conversion and Management.


Russell McKenna
Professor MSO, Head of Energy Systems Analysis
DTU Management
+45 46 77 51 59