Energy Economics and Modelling

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Energy Economics & Modelling

DTU Management - Sustainability, Society and Economics DivisionResearch - Energy Economics and Modelling Section

We support the green transition of the energy systems.

Energy systems are the backbone of the transition towards sustainability. The section focuses on how to how to upgrade and operate energy systems with large amounts of variable renewable energy at the lowest possible societal costs.

The section develops energy system models integrated with the new emerging technologies, and we conduct research on energy infrastructure, sector coupling, green fuels, and smart energy systems. 

We develop policy instruments, regulatory frameworks, and market designs that facilitate a green and socio-economic efficient transition of the energy systems. Furthermore, the section analyses the societal barriers to the green transition, we explore how to create flexibility in the energy demand, and we do energy demand forecasts.

Our research supports policymakers and businesses in making informed decisions in the realm of energy-economy relationships. The section combines competences within systems modelling, economics, operations research, and data science.  

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