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Sustainability is a key consideration for industry as well as public authorities who are increasingly asking for instruments and methods that improve management of environmental and socio economic sustainability, facilitate a green transition of energy systems and limit the consequences of climate change.

The Sustainability division consists of the following research groups 

Energy Economics and Regulation: Research linking energy systems with economics with the aim to support energy system integration, decision making and the development and implementation of new technological solutions.

Energy Systems Analysis: The focus is on developing future scenarios for local, national and regional energy systems linking energy sectors and international markets using tools such as TIMES and Balmorel.

Quantitative Sustainability Assessment: Development of science-based methods and tools for quantitative assessment of environmental and social impacts of products and systems over their technological life cycle.

Climate Risk and Economics: Climate risk, impact and adaptation research with a transdisciplinary approach combining natural, technical and economic sciences.

The Sustainability division is part of the Department of DTU Management. 



Signe Krarup
Head of division
DTU Management
+45 45 25 15 02


Michael Zwicky Hauschild
Professor, Deputy Head of Division, Group Leader
DTU Management
+45 45 25 46 64