OLCA-Pest Stakeholder workshop

Operationalising Life Cycle Assessment of Pesticides

Current pesticide field emission modelling and toxicity characterisation approaches suffer from several shortcomings, including unclear boundaries between Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) and Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) phases, environmental compartment mismatches between LCI databases and LCIA methods, as well as missing characterisation factors, compartments in impact assessment, and impact pathways. The Glasgow consensus workshop in 2013 started a consensus building process with three scientific workshops and a stakeholder workshop. In order to operationalise the resulting recommendations for harmonising the emission quantification and impact characterisation of pesticides in life cycle assessment (LCA) and product environmental footprinting, the OLCA-Pest project was implemented with nine partner institutions. The present workshop informs about the main outcomes of the OLCA-Pest project and the consequences for LCI databases, LCIA assessment and LCA practice related to assessing pesticides in LCA.

The Stakeholder Workshop is organized back-to-back with the LCAFood 2020 conference in Berlin on 13-October-2020.
Download the workshop announcement or see the conference's Stakeholder Workshop website.

Schedule 13-October-2020, 12:30-3:30pm CEST, Virtual workshop
  • Inform about the main outcomes and recommendations from the OLCA-Pest project as follow-up of the ‘pesticide consensus in LCA’ effort
  • Show the practical implications for LCI database developers, LCA software providers, LCA practitioners and decision makers
  • Show potentials and limitations of the proposed methodology, data and tools
  • Show the practical usage of the tools and methodologies developed within OLCA-Pest along LCA case studies in different agricultural systems
  • LCI database developers
  • LCA software providers
  • LCA practitioners and researchers across sectors
  • Decision makers and sustainability managers from companies.
Workshop slides