Pesticide consensus in LCA

Objectives and Outcome

A practical challenge in LCA for comparing the application of pesticides in different agricultural contexts and practices is to quantify the amount emitted to the different environmental media, while only the amount applied to the field is known. Four expert workshops (2013 in Glasgow2014 in Basel2015 in Bordeaux, and 2016 in Dublin) were organized involving more than 100 specialists representing industry, government, and academia from more than 25 countries and 5 continents. Consensual recommendations were reached and disseminated on a consistent accounting of emissions and impact assessment, and the steps required to ultimately provide a set of emission fractions for use in LCA.

Rosenbaum et al (2015). Read the Glasgow consensus.

 Rosenbaum et al

After implementing, testing and fully documenting all consensus-based solutions, recommended pesticide emission fractions will be made available for inclusion in current LCI databases and all results and methods published open access in peer-reviewed journals. Results have additionally been presented and disseminated to strive for broad acceptance at a dedicated Stakeholder Workshop back-to-back with the LCA Food 2016 conference in Dublin. Objective of the workshop were to seek for broad stakeholder acceptance and agreement on recommended default agricultural pesticide emission fractions to environmental media in LCA. The target is the feasibility to implement these pesticide fractions along with associated data requirements into LCI databases. The repository of all workshop files is found HERE.