QSAs PhD environment

Additional to the range of activities and support provided by the DTU Management PhD-school, QSA has activities specially targeted or relevant for our PhD students.

Over the last 5 years, we at all-time have had approx. 10-12 ongoing PhD projects. Our PhD students come from all over the world: in 2013-2015 from Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, France, China, Brazil, Canada, Australia and USA. The group's permanent staff has focus on ensuring a productive and supportive research environment. Our second and third year PhDs are also very conscious of integrating new first year students into our environment and sharing their experiences, whether it be practicalities when moving to a new country, research network and contacts, social activities, etc. The QSA Group offers various complementary activities:

QSA PhD roundtable

Our PhD group manages and organizes regular roundtable meetings. The themes for the roundtables vary from research themes to organizational, dissemination and practicalities-related themes. The roundtables are QSA PhD internal, but for special agenda points, permanent staff members are sometimes invited.

QSA Technical lunch seminars/technical presentations

On average we have  1-2 lunch presentations or seminars per week, set up as 30-60 min. sessions, where all staff, including PhD students, comment on the individual researcher’s outputs. Typical presentations are rehearsals prior to conference poster or platform presentation, dissemination of a relevant paper, or getting feedbacks on project ideas and directions. A record of past technical presentations is available here.

QSAtek – QSA Technical training sessions

QSAtek are 60-90 min. training sessions, scheduled 3-4 times per year focusing on hands-on experience with tools and approaches in the field of sustainability quantification and life cycle assessment, but also providing advanced techniques with relevant software like Excel, LCA software and GIS as well as scientific themes, such as statistical methods for sustainability assessment. Presentations are given by QSA researchers, including PhD students, or invited guests. Topics are of broad relevance and are targeted to the entire research group, but specifically our PhD students.

QSA social activities

We have a QSA running team and a QSA football team (mixed male/female team). The coordinator of the running team is one of our assistant professors and the football team coach is one of our PhD students.

We organize various social events. Reoccurring are the QSA barbecues – whenever the Danish weather allows for outside activities. We take turns in organizing the BBQ. Because of our international environment, our social gatherings tend to reflect food flavor’s from all over the world.