PhD projects

PhD projects

This page lists ongoing and finalised PhD projects at QSA, arranged chronologically. If you want to know more about a project, a poster describing the project objectives, expected outcomes, and new value in relation to existing knowledge is available for each project. Alternatively, follow the link to go to a page with a short description of the PhD project.

More information about the PhD environment at QSA is provided here.

Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Advanced Agricultural Waste Technologies and Agricultural Territories
Giovanna Croxatto Vega • 2017
Keywords: early design LCA, microplastic impact, dynamic assessments, biotechnology
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Territorial Metabolism Assessment of Advanced Agricultural Waste Technologies
Joshua Sohn • 2017
Keywords: regional assessment, circular economy, dynamic systems, life cycle assessment 
Poster • Page

Climate tipping indicators for improved environmental sustainability assessment of bioplastics
Serena Fabbri • 2017
Keywords: climate tipping points, climate change metrics, bioplastics
Poster • Page

Environmental sustainability assessment of the aquaculture sector at global and national scales
Florence Bohnes • 2016
Keywords: aquaculture, food security, sustainability targets, Singapore, LCA
Poster • Page

Development of environmental footprints for large-scale systems
Alexandra Leclerc • 2016
Keywords: environmental footprints, inventories, MRIO
Poster • Page

Addressing inorganic chemicals in life cycle impact assessment
Nienke Kirchhübel • 2015
Keywords: life cycle impact assessment, (eco-)toxicity characterization, inorganic substances, method development
Poster Page

Life Cycle Impact Assessment of chosen Bio-chemicals and Bio-polymers
Ólafur Ögmundarson • 2015
Keywords: bio-chemicals, hot-spots, sustainability, LCA
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Effective implementation of sustainability approaches in companies
Raphaelle Stewart • 2015
Keywords: sustainability approaches, implementation process, industry factors, organizational factors
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Global integration model for Life Cycle Assessment in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)
Tracey Colley • 2015
Keywords: SME, food industry, hot spot analysis
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Environmental sustainability assessment of bio-products based on agricultural crop and crop residue feedstock
Andrea Corona • 2014
Keywords: biorefinery, biobased materials, Life Cycle Inventory
Poster • Page

Incorporation of use stage exposures into Life Cycle Assessment for consumer and food products
Alexi Sara Ernstoff • 2014
Keywords: consumer products, exposure modeling, Life Cycle Impact Assessment
Poster • Page

Integration of planetary boundaries for selected planetary threats into life cycle assessment
Morten Ryberg • 2014
Keywords: absolute sustainability assessment, planetary boundaries, method development
Poster • Page

Hybrid life-cycle-assessment-urban-metabolism model as a framework for quantifying the contributions of urban agriculture to the sustainability of urban food systems

Benjamin Goldstein • 2013

Keywords: cities, food systems, urban metabolism

Poster • Page


Development of a Life Cycle Impact Assessment methodology for Brazil

Natalia Crespo Mendes • 2013

Keywords: spatial differentiation, characterization factors

Poster • Page


Development of a Sustainability Assessment method for robotic manufacturing systems
Jan-Markus Rödger • 2013
Keywords: manufacturing, robotics, Life Cycle Engineering
Poster • Page

Lean & Green: Complementary and contradictory aspects within smart industrial automation of factories

Frank Walachowicz • 2013

Keywords: Lean, manufacturing, trade-offs



Modelling of N and P cycles for inventory and characterisation of marine eutrophication in LCA

Nuno Cosme • 2012

Keywords: marine ecosystems, method development, Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Poster • Page


Life cycle impact assessment of long-term emissions from landfills

Ioannis Bakas • 2011

Keywords: waste, metals, long-term emissions

Poster • Page


Absolute environmental sustainability of industrial activities

Anders Bjørn • 2011

Keywords: planetary boundaries, resilience, Life Cycle Impact Assessment method development

Poster • Page


Sustainable management of water treatment technologies

Alexandra Bonou • 2011

Keywords: Life Cycle Management, energy, industrial application

Poster • Page


Social and environmental LCA for the production of high-grade concrete from construction and demolition waste

Kossara Bozhilova-Kisheva • 2011

Keywords: Social Life Cycle Assessment, Construction Waste, Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

Poster • Page


Improvement of methodological and data background for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of nano-metaloxides

Mirko Miseljic • 2011

Keywords: nanomaterials, Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Poster • Page


Developing Life Cycle Assessment tools for GMO crops under present and future climate circumstances

Teunis Johannes Dijkman • 2010

Keywords: Life Cycle Inventory, pesticide emissions, PestLCI 2.0

Poster • Page


Characterization modeling of marine ecotoxicity from metal emissions to be applied in Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Yan Dong • 2010

Keywords: metal speciation, estuaries, Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Poster • Page


Inclusion in life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) of human health impacts from indoor or outdoor exposure to chemicals, pathogens and dust in waste management systems

Alexis Laurent • 2010

Keywords: waste, normalization, occupational exposure

Poster • Page


Development of a methodology for inclusion of terrestrial ecotoxic impacts of metals in life cycle impact assessment

Mikolaj Owsianiak • 2010

Keywords: metal speciation, soil chemistry, Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Poster • Page


Environmental assessment of biomass based materials

Susanne Vedel Jørgensen • 2010

Keywords: temporary carbon storage, biobased materials

Poster • Page


Formation of a Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) database for crude palm oil production and palm oil based biodiesel refining in Malaysia

Sune Balle Hansen • 2009

Keywords: biofuels, energy, Life Cycle Inventory

Poster • Page


Environmental sustainability assessment of biodiesel production

Ivan Tengbjerg Herrmann • 2009

Keywords: biodiesel, multi objective decision making, uncertainty



Behaviour of metals and metalloids in LCIA of waste management activities

Karen Søgaard Jensen • 2008

Keywords: metals, characterization, Life Cycle Impact Assessment