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FutureGas seeks to stimulate: an efficient and economical supply of gas - including gas based on renewable sources, an appropriate and flexible use of these gases, and an optimal integration of gas in the overall energy system, including an energy and economic efficient interaction with heat, electricity, industry and transport sectors.

The aim of the FutureGas project is twofold:

1) In an energy system context to facilitate the integration of the gas system with the power system, the district heating system and the transportation sector taking into account possible synergies. Despite the huge amounts of energy being transported through the gas grid, it is currently only loosely coupled to the rest of the energy system mainly through use of gas in CHP plants.

2) To facilitate a cost-efficient uptake of renewable gases, hereby in the longer term substituting natural gas and fossil fuels. A number of renewable gases exist, differing in their possible application in the energy system and in their costs and requirements for conditioning. The best and most cost-effective solutions for utilising and conditioning a variety of renewable gases depend on the development of the entire energy system.

Participants: 18 partners from Denmark ,Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and UK, led by DTU Management Engineering

The project is supported by Innovation Fund logo

Period: 2016-2020.

Project website Energiforskning.dk en da DTU Orbit


Poul Erik Morthorst
DTU Management
+45 46 77 51 06


Marie Münster
Professor MSO
DTU Management
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