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Energy Systems Analysis: PhD projects

Links to abstracts or posters that describe the current PhD projects within Energy Systems Analysis:

Modelling and optimization of the North Sea region's energy system in the long term, Juan Gea Bermudez

Sustainable utilisation of bioenergy in the Chinese energy system, Sara Josefin Shapiro-Bengtsen

Modelling of the gas system as an integrated part of the future energy system, Rasmus Bo Bramstoft Pedersen - Video pitch

Energy system modelling and integrated future scenario analysis of the Nordic energy and transport system through the holistic energy system tool TIMES, Raffaele Salvucci

Modelling the Effect of Emission Control Measures, Christa Møllenbach Bregnbæk

Modelling use of biomass and waste in future energy systems by Amalia Pizarro - Video pitch

Modelling, transport fuels and future scenarios for the Danish energy system by Giada Venturini - Video pitch

Geographical representations of renewable energy systems, by Stefan Petrovic - Video pitch

Completed PhD projects


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