Examples of master theses with supervision from Energy System Analysis group

Modeling large data centers in the framework of an energy system long-term analysis
The Danish case, Alessandro Colangelo.
Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Paolo Corgnati
Co-supervisors: Olexandr Balyk (DTU), Kenneth Karlsson (DTU), Maurizio Gargiulo (E4SMA

Analysis, simulation and comparison of renewable energy auction processes for the cases of utility scale photovoltaics and nearshore wind power in Denmark, Paul Wendring
Supervisors: Lena Kitzing, Poul Erik Morthorst.

Modeling of the Norwegian power system and analysis of the power trade in the Nordic countries. Jacopo Tattini
Supervisors: Kenneth  Karlsson, Maurizio Gargiulo, Vittorio Verda, Raffaella Gerboni


Analyse af støtteordning for solcelleenergi i Danmark (Analysis of subsidy scheme for photovoltaics in Denmark), Jonas Iversen, Master in Sustainable Energy (DTU)
Supervisors: Lena Kitzing, Marie Münster, Michael Lyngemark (Hofor) 

Optimisation of Biogas Production - A Socio Economic Value Chain Evaluation, Lau Linnet Andersen, Master in Sustainable Energy (DTU)
Supervisors:Marie Münster and Nina Juul