In the Sustainability division, we conduct research on how to develop sustainable, robust and technologically innovative systems within a series of sectors. 

We define and quantify sustainability objectives, boundaries, costs and consequences. A key element is to understand  and estimate the transition path towards a more sustainable future.

We collaborate with a series of international partners within areas that are of the crucial importance to the sustainable growth of society, including energy systems, climate analysis, integration of sustainable energy, economic regulations, climate economy and quantitative sustainability assessment. 

We offer consultancy to public authorities and private organizations.

Our division consist of the following research groups 

Quantitative Sustainability Assessment

Climate Risk and Economics

Energy Economics and Regulation

Energy Systems Analysis

The Sustainability division is part of the Department of Management Engineering



Signe Krarup
Head of division
DTU Management Engineering
+45 45 25 15 02


Michael Zwicky Hauschild
Professor, Deputy Head of Division, Group Leader
DTU Management Engineering
+45 45 25 46 64