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Danish participation in IEA-ETSAP, Annex XIV, 2017-2019.

Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme

ETSAP is the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme which is known for the development and use of the MARKAL and TIMES models for optimisation of energy technology choice. The activities include development and use of local, national, regional and global models, data bases and technology descriptions. ETSAP meets twice a year for workshops on model development and applications.

The current project will continue the Danish participation in IEA-ETSAP (Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme,, Annexes X to XIII under the new Annex XIV "Facilitating the energy transition to achieve the "well below 2 degree C" goal. The main activities are semi-annual workshops  focusing on model analyses, and use of the ETSAP modelling tools and technology data, participation in training sessions on ETSAP* tools, and participating in collaborative projects using and improving the tools.

Contributions to the workshops are based on past, present and future collaborative projects, in particular within the EU, Nordic and Danish research programmes - with emphasis on contributions by PhD students. Dissemination of results of ETSAP activities will be made through participation in workshops, and courses for master students in sustainable energy at DTU.

The first TIMES model for Denmark was developed from 2004 within EU research projects. A Nordic Energy Perspectives model was developed from 2012 by a collaboration between the IEA and Nordic institutions, and a detailed has been used by the Danish Energy Agency TIMES-DK since 2012. Another development within ETSAP is the TIMES Integrated Assessment Model (TIAM) which is a global model covering some 15 regions and time horizon year 2100.

From 2017 Kenneth Karlsson, DTU Management Engineering is the ETSAP Operating Agent.

The Danish participation in ETSAP is supported by The Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP).

Contributions to recent ETSAP workshops

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Poul Erik Grohnheit
Senior Researcher Emeritus
DTU Management Engineering
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Kenneth Bernard Karlsson
Head of Energy Systems Analysis Group
DTU Management Engineering
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