Energy Economics and Regulation

Energy Economics and Regulation

DTU Management - Sustainability DivisionResearch - Energy Economics and Regulation

We develop policy instruments, regulatory frameworks and market designs that facilitate the green energy transition in an efficient socio-economic way.

Energy system changes are the backbone of the societal transition towards sustainability. The Energy Systems Analysis Section focus on how to upgrade and operate the existing energy system with large amounts of variable renewable energy. We provide tools and expertise, supporting national and international energy policy making by advancing development of energy systems models. 

Integrating new emerging technologies into existing national and regional energy systems calls for analyses of energy systems and markets through different operations research models and global integrated assessments. We comprise competences within systems analyses, operation management and knowledge of energy technologies.

Our research models are developed, merged and soft-linked to take advantage of strengths in disparate models and to answer questions about emerging technologies and resources scarcity, e.g. land and water. The scientific challenges for the section includes modelling stochasticity, risk and uncertainty as well as system characteristics of production technologies and flexible demand.  We aim to be in the forefront of open access modelling. 

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