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Energy Economics and Regulation

Energy Economics and Regulation (EER) has a disciplinary focus on applied economics within energy systems and markets. We contribute to the development of energy economics by linking technological and behavioural aspects with economics: Micro- and macro-economics, econometrics, time series analysis, operations research, stochastic approaches, and modelling including partial equilibrium and CGE models. Thus, we envisage creating value for the Danish and international society by allowing policy makers and businesses to make efficient decisions based on knowledge about energy-economy relationships.

The overall objective of the group is to study policy instruments, regulatory frameworks and energy market designs that facilitate the green transition in a socio-economic efficient way, especially with respect to large shares of variable renewable energy in the energy system, energy savings, and climate change mitigation. The main scientific challenges include integration of energy markets, energy market designs, analyses of support instruments for deploying renewable energy (e.g. auctions), flexibility in energy demand, and energy demand forecasts.

We aim for high quality policy recommendation and analyses of economic and social aspects that enables us to publish in the best journals in the field, which guarantees the high impact of our work.

Target journals include Energy Policy, Energy Economics, Energy, Applied Energy, and Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.


Lena Kitzing
Head of Energy Economics and Regulation
DTU Management
+45 46 75 44 24