Climate Economics and Risk Management

Climate Economics and Risk Management 

DTU Management - Sustainability DivisionResearch - Climate Economics and Risk Management

We develop methods and decision-support to assess the societal consequences of the preventive measures and impacts of climate change.

The adverse impacts of climate change can have immense impact on society. We provide mitigation and adaptation strategies and policy recommendations to improve the resilience of socioeconomic, financial, social, and ecological systems to climate change events. 

The Climate Economics and Risk Management Section address research questions relating to the dynamics of hydro-meteorological extremes and resulting consequences to social welfare: We contribute with assessing the impact, frequency and damage costs of climate change events. And by developing and evaluating alternative scenarios, identifying economic, social, environmental vulnerabilities we address  the main scientific challenges for effective adaptation and mitigation research.  

Our key research activities go from local to global and include the development of new frameworks to support adaptation and emergency management in cities and coastal areas. Furthermore, we develop user-oriented climate information services aimed at decision-makers, businesses and the civil society.

We consider wellbeing and financial consequences for humans as well as effects for companies and governments in the framing of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

The section features a team of researchers with a combined expertise in geography and economics and we create integrated solutions to current societal challenges together with stakeholders.

If you are interested in a partnership or opportunities to collaborate with us, contact our Head of Section here.